Naeun Kang
Born in South Korea,
Based in the Hague, Netherlands

Drawn from subjective experiences, my works questions how we all differently perceive and navigate the world around us. I am interested taking mundane things in our surrounding and make it special, as majority of our lives are seemingly mundane and not dramatic. And through my practice I aim to elevate it in some way, put it those everyday incidents in a different light, and hopefully make the life less stale and dreadful.
Subjects of my paintings come from everything that I consume and (in)directly experience. Fictional scenarios, daily conundrums and mythologies are often the starting point of my works, as well as literature, films, advertisements and videos that circulate the web. While using painting as mt main medium, I've thus far produced performance, video, and photography, prints and sculptural works, as well as installations that combine these media.


2013-2018 BFA in Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, Netherlands

Group exhibition

2019 It’s Time to Let It Go, Little Big Dollhouse, The Hague
2018 Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2017 NOkia’s Tagline, MOOOF,curated by Samiha Awad The Hague
2017 Halfway where, The grey space in the middle, The Hague
2015 Exhibition at De Grafische Werkplaats The Hague


2018 Moose Space Residency, the Hague (NL)
Naeun Kang KABK


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Studio adress :Boomsluiterskade 373, Den Haag


mobile: +31 6 40 7877 45