Naeun Kang
Visual Artist in Den Haag, NL
Plaster Beluga (2018) ,oil on canvas board
How They Woud Look at Each Other (2018) Oil on unstretched canvas
Heart Variables (2018), oil on wood
After Image (2018) watercolor on wall
Curiosity (2018), oil on paper mounted on birch panel
Blind Moth (2018) oil and graphite on birch and mesonite panel
Domestication(2018) oil on linen
Presentation of a Sculpture (2018), Pencil on paper
a Quick Circle (2018) Oil on canvas board
Maintenace (2018) Oil on unstretched canvas
Soaking a Veil by Crying (2018) Digital Photograph
Impersonation (2018) Oil on board
Ghost (2018) Oil on board
Hand Fitter (1) (2017) Oil on canvas paper
Hand Fitter (2) (2017) Oil on canvas paper
Blush Making (2018), watercolor on paper
Crying on Rollercoaster (2017) Oil on paper